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Therapeutic, Sports, Deep Tissue, Relaxation

Feel Vital is a mobile massage service in Vale of Glamorgan - South Wales and Wimbledon - London. I bring SPA experience directly to your door, so you can relax and enjoy your treatment even more. I offer therapeutic, sports, deep tissue and relaxation massage treatments in the comfort of your own home. I always set myself very high hygiene standards and take professional approach to every aspect of my work.


I've been working as a massage therapist for over 14 years. During that time I have treated clientele of all ages and professions. Many of my clients prefer to have massage treatments on regular basis, as they find constant rejuvenation very beneficial and important part of their healthy lifestyle.


Treating clients with various muscular tension related conditions over the past decade, allowed me to develop efficient techniques, which help me treat sports injuries, muscular imbalances, chronic conditions, including; back and neck pain, headaches related to muscular tension, sciatica, tight back and gluteal muscles, as well as tension and problems of the lower limbs. During my massage treatments I always combine relaxation with physical benefits, thus helping my clients to achieve homeostasis and ultimate life satisfaction faster.

My massage treatments usually last 60 or 75 minutes. Consultation and  preparation prior to the treatment is free of charge, giving you always proper treatment time. I customize my massage treatments to make sure that your emotional and physical needs are being met, an important step in starting the healing process. 

I am constantly learning about the positive effects of different massage techniques and ancient healing arts on certain ailments and injuries, through my practical experience and the feedback from my clients. I always set myself high standards and it gives me a great satisfaction to know that I can help people achieve better quality of life through my massage treatments.

Relax Massage

My relax massage treatment will help you slow down and unwind, it will also relax and soothe your body and mind. This unique massage experience will ease away the day’s stresses and strains and bring your body and mind into balance. 

Recommended for: 

General relaxation, tension headaches and those with day to day stressful lifestyles. This treatment is relaxing, soothing, boosts immunity, relaxes tense muscles and is very beneficial for high blood pressure.




60 minutes treatment - £55, 75 minutes treatment - £65

Sports Massage

The emphasis of a sports massage varies depending on the schedule of the client. Clients requesting a sports massage should be aware that the treatment is not always relaxing and that co-operation and feedback between client and therapist is a fundamental part of the massage.

Recommended for: 

All kinds of sports people pre- or post-exercise, aches and pains, injuries.

Sports massage enhances performance, increases flexibility and helps in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. 



60 minutes treatment - £60, 75 minutes treatment - £70

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue, using slower strokes and deep finger, hand and forearm pressure to release tension and build up of lactic acid in the areas of the body that are the most affected by stress, muscular pain and discomfort. It is perfect for areas of chronic tension and is useful for breaking up scar tissue. This is the most popular, most  effective and most beneficial form of massage therapy, it requires deep work and therefore is not always relaxing, but the overall benefits are really worth it.

Recommended for: 

Stress, insomnia, tiredness, headaches, chronic pain and sports people. This treatment stimulates and invigorates exhausted muscles, increases flexibility, releases muscular tension, increases circulation, calms the nerves and helps your body to discharge toxins.



60 minutes treatment - £60, 75 minutes treatment - £70

On-site Massage

On–site acupressure massage is based on the principles of a traditional Japanese massage and is performed through clothing on an ergonomically designed chair. It incorporates over a 100 specific stress release points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back to leave the client relaxed and calm, yet energised and alert. It helps to reduce muscle tension and pain in the upper body, by concentrating on the areas most affected by prolonged, repetitive activity at work. The sessions can last from 15-30 minutes, depending on your requirements.

Prices for seated acupressure massage vary, depending on the number of hours booked. Additional discounts are offered for contract work. To get your  personalised price quote, please fill in the enquiry form, or alternatively contact my by phone.



£60 - 1 hour, £100 - 2 hours, £135 - 3 hours



07799 223 233

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